If you’ve ever had a conversation with me, you would have discovered I’m pretty serious about skincare and sun protection. With Summer fast approaching here in the southern hemisphere, I’ve started reaching for the faux tan to pretend I’ve been on an exotic island holiday without paying for a return ticket to the tropics. Enter, Bali Body.

I’ve expressed my love for this brand before, particularly their Bronzing Lotion, but they’ve upped their tanning game with the new Self Tanning Mousse. Before we go any further, can we just take a minute for this bottle? Have you seen a more aesthetically pleasing bottle of tan? I didn’t think so. Such sleek packaging in the most divine colour and thankfully, the contents are just as satisfying.

Let me start by telling you I am really pale and really fussy on fake tan. I was so pleased when I pumped out the Self Tanning Mousse onto the beautiful Bali Body Luxe Tanning Mitt for the first time; it’s gorgeous warm caramel colour had me instantly optimistic. The mousse spread evenly onto the skin and was really easy to buff in. It didn’t dry too quickly so I had plenty of time to ensure the coverage was even. In terms of final drying time, it’s not the fastest I’ve ever used but I was still able to get dressed within ten minutes which I was happy with.

Something I really appreciate about this formula is the guide colour. (The guide colour is the colour you see instantly on the skin so you can see where you’ve applied tan and it washes off in the shower). In this case, the guide colour isn’t too intense so if you need to apply during the day you can safely leave your house without looking like a certain president. This formula can be washed off after 1 hour or left on for 4-6 hours for a deeper tan. I washed it off after 4 hours and was really impressed with the result. For me it’s the perfect depth but if you love a really dark tan I would recommend the 6 hours or sleeping in it overnight.

(My translucent ‘before’ skin and bronze goddess ‘after’ skin. No filters or editing, taken in the same lighting.)

This self tan is quite a hydrating formula, which is surprising for a mousse. It’s enriched with coconut oil and coffee extract and doesn’t look dry on the skin. I found with regular moisturising my tan lasted really well without looking patchy. It faded evenly and was easy to remove with an exfoliating mitt.

Now for the inevitable question; how does it smell? It does have an ever so slight scent to it but nothing offensive. The ultimate self tan deal breaker in my books is adding strong, artificial (re nauseating) fragrance to the product to mask the natural scent. That doesn’t appear to be the case here and any scent essentially disappears once the tan is buffed in.

Bali Body has created their own tanning mitt to compliment the Self Tanning Mousse. It’s a super soft material that applies the mousse without streaks and without leaving black fluff on my skin!

Bonus points- Bali Body is vegan and the DHA in the Self Tanning Mousse is 100% natural.

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