A Review | Go-To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys

Apart from the devil-sun, I predict the main reason for my premature lines will be frowning intensely at silly dames who tell me they rub mean granules of crystal and walnut on their face to exfoliate. Just no.

By exfoliating will granules that have jagged edges, you are risking causing micro-tears in the skin that give birth to pesky, premature wrinkles. There is an alternative. And a bloody good one. Zoe Foster-Blake (author, columnist, personal hero, goddess) used her years of expertise and wisdom gathering to develop her own top notch skincare line; Go To Skincare. And being the sensible, head screwed on straight kinda gal she is, her exfoliating treatment is minus the sharp bits.


What are they? Go To have taken the most gentle AHA, Lactic Acid, and combined it with nourishing essential oils to produce an effective and gentle exfoliating treatment for all!
Should you spend your precious coins? Ab-so-lutely.
Oh really? Why’s that? Great question.

  • This treatment comes with 50 pads, so at the recommended usage of 3 times a week this tub will last you roughly 4 months for $44.95!!
  • It is a treatment that even the most sensitive skins can use.
  • Prevention is cheaper than a cure. By cutting out harsh (evil) manual exfoliating you are preventing premature lines. Yay!
  • They come in a nifty, portable jar. In fact the reason I invested in these to begin with was to take overseas with me for three weeks. Slim jar, more than enough treatments, quick and easy exfoliation.
  • Natural and few ingredients. The whole Go-To line is free of usual suspects but this products also contains very few ingredients meaning less chance of a reaction occurring.
  • Zoe Foster-Blake is a genius and you should trust every word, sentence and burp that comes out of her mouth.

Available for your immediate purchase because of all the reasons listed above at www.gotoskincare.com

You’re welcome.

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