I’m finishing up week seven of isolation and I’ve noticed as time has ticked on, my motivation to spend time on things like makeup and hair is waning. I’m not joking about the hair, we’re stretching out washes well beyond the one week mark. You know what, that is all totally fine. I’m completely comfortable being makeup free and a dirty mum bun is my staple in non iso life. But when I have done a few little things here and there like some makeup and spent a little extra time in the shower doing all the hair things, I feel bloody great. I feel fresh, I feel more awake, I feel more like me. So keep reading for the little things that are making me feel good in iso…

POPS OF COLOUR don’t have to be a bright red lipstick. We know about The Lipstick Effect right? History shows that during a time of economic or social crisis (for example, the Great Depression), while it may not be prudent to fork out for a new Louis Vuitton bag, small luxuries like lipstick sales skyrocket. I feel that, I truly do. A little lipstick or a pop of blush on the cheek can really make one feel more human when they’re staring down the barrel of the fourth day in the same sweatpants. The days that I’ve worn a little makeup, even if it is paired with ketchup stained sweats, I feel slightly more put together. My go to products can all be applied in five minutes because despite having the time if it takes longer than that, I won’t do it.

My go to base is super glowy and makes me look like I’m actually having my two litres a day. It’s By Terry CC Brightening Serum in Sunny Flash followed by Nudestix Tinted Skin Cover and some concealer, usually Glossier Stretch concealer. I pop on a little cream bronzer, at the moment I’m loving Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out bronzer in Butta Biscuit and a pop of colour on the cheeks. The blushes making me feel all the healthy flushed feels are Nudestix Nudies in Sunset Strip and Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out in Strawberry Drip. I brush out my brows with some gel, swipe on one shade of eyeshadow and some mascara and finish up with a lip that I’m feeling that day. Often it’s a Nars Afterglow Balm in Dolce Vita or Kosas Wet Lip Oil in Dip because as well as giving some fresh colour, they’re super hydrating.

YOU CAN SMELL GOOD EVEN WHEN ONLY YOUR DOG WILL SMELL YOU. Spritzing some fragrance almost has me feeling like I’m going to leave the house. In my non iso life, I normally add fragrance when I’m completely ready for the day to tie everything together so to use it when I’m barely getting ready at all makes me feel together and ready to start the day. I’m enjoying Sol De Janiero’s Sol Cheirosa ’62 EDP and Maison Margiela’s Replica Bubble Bath.

HAVE A PROPER SHOWER. We all know about the different levels of shower. We have the quick-bod-wash-try-not-to-get-your-hair-wet shower, we have the hair and bod wash shower and then we have the proper, all in, do everything shower. I had been sorely neglecting the joy that is the Proper Shower and when I took the time to do it last week I felt so relaxed. My Proper Shower begins out of the shower with a hair, scalp and face mask. At the moment I’m loving the Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub and Bondi Boost Miracle Mask for my hair and Frank Body Brightening Vitamin C Mask for my face. After they’ve worked their magic I jump in the shower and rinse them off. The rest of my probably way too long shower involves a hair wash, bod wash, face wash, shave and exfoliate (we *might* want to tan after who knows). Some uplifting shower products I’m loving are the Soap & Glory Call Of Fruity shower gel which is a peachy, mango-y delight and Clarins Tonic Shower & Bath Concentrate which has a beautiful calming scent of rosemary, mint and geranium.

BRANCH OUT FROM THE TOP KNOT hairstyle with *gasp* heat styling. Yes I know this is a great opportunity to give your hair a break from the tongs but let me tell you, straightening or curling your hair once in a while feels AMAZING. I’m swooshing, I’m flicking and I’m running my fingers though it until I’ve basically brushed out the curls anyway. I use the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand to put some cool girl, I woke up like this wave into my hair. My styling with this wand is so low fuss, I don’t even part my hair. I just grab sections and wrap them around the wand for a few seconds, brushing them out with my fingers once they’re cool.



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