The best part about getting a new haircut is the excuse to buy new hair prodz. I recently cut all my hair off (obviously. I got married two months ago) and I’m now working with a fine lob with a bit of blonde through the ends. So while I slowly work my way towards The Bingle hair, I’ve been trialling many, many texturising and volume building products.


Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun will be your new BFFL if you’ve been blessed with short, fine hair. This guy gives body to both roots and lengths whilst providing some texture. Not to be confused with dry shampoo. We’re not controlling oil here.

Ouai Wave Spray is the ultimate sea salt spray for short hair. This unique formula will not only give you ‘just came from the beach’ hair but will also provide some hold without being heavy or too crunchy.
IMG_3364 (1)

For fine hair that lacks volume, spritz your roots with Mr Murphy’s Anti Gravity spray. It will provide ample volume without weight or crunch.


Mr Smith’s divine botanical styling products are a short hair gal’s dream. The Creme is smoothing for fly aways and unwanted ‘boof’ while helping to achieve a piecy, textured look. The Texture Spray mimics a sea salt spray without too much grit and with a bit of hold. This one can be spritzed on wet or dry hair or into your palms and scrunched into your ends.

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