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Becoming engaged brings out some pretty unrealistic expectations of what one can achieve in a relatively short stretch of time. Growing hair as long as Kylie Jenner’s when she’s feeling it, can be challenging but here’s a few tips to get you on your way.




Do it rarely and less than you think you need. Also, buy dry shampoo. That’s it.

The Dreaded Cut

I know first hand how tempting it is to avoid hair cuts to achieve long locks but believe me, this will backfire. Regular trims mean you will experience very little breakage; the main reason your hair doesn’t seem to be growing. It is, it’s just all snapping off. My hairdresser recommends trims every 6 weeks and if you stick to this regularly you wont need to have much cut off at a time.

Heat & Styling

Keep heat styling to a bare minimum to avoid frying the hair which will lead to breakage. When you need to whip out the tongs, use a heat protector.

Avoid tying your hair up when possible. I can’t believe how much breakage I have from our Game of Thrones theme day at work when I boasted elaborate braiding. Also, don’t sleep with your locks tied up; when you roll around your hair is pulled and tugged in the elastic and can result in breakage.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Make sure these two things are appropriate for your hair type. It sounds obvious but you would be surprised what your hair doesn’t need. Ask your hairdresser what to look for for your hair’s condition. For example, if you have uncoloured hair that gets regular cuts, it’s super unlikely you need a ‘repairing’ shampoo or conditioner.

Avoiding SLS is a personal preference and my personal preference is to avoid it. I have psoriasis on my scalp (yay) and find SLS shampoos burny. Aside from that overshare, SLS can be drying on the hair and you just don’t really need it. Get around Kevin Murphy Washes and Rinses; natural oils and extracts, SLS free and smell really damn good.


Get around those treatments! A concentrated boost of the right hydrating and nourishing ingredients will promote strength and resilience in your hair. I’m partial to the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask right now. I use this once a week in place of conditioner to deeply moisturise my hair and tell my frizz to calm the f down. Another fun treat is Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Masque. Super rich hydration for those severely dry haired gals. Exercise caution with protein treatments; they can dry the hair out if it’s not also getting adequate hydration.


I have a (not so slight) obsession with hair oils. Oils actually do everything; smooth, strengthen, hydrate, slow down the aging process, protect, are really good at golf and can protect against heat damage. Because I also have an undying love for everything Kevin Murphy, I highly recommend his Young.Again treatment oil. Beautifully light, deeply conditioning and won’t affect blonde hair. I also love this on dry, styled hair to tame fly aways. Another lovely option is Ouai Hair Oil. For one, it smells bloody divine and two, it’s a super light option for those hesitant to try an oil.



* This post is NOT sponsored by Kevin Murphy; I’m just a really really big fan. Get around it.

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