DON’T FORGET YOUR BODY Body care for winter

By now you’ve probably read a hundred and one posts on winter skincare. Well, welcome to a hundred and two. 

Except today we’re talking about winter skincare for your bod. I think we tend to forget about our poor bodies until we need to get our pins out for something and we’re faced with skin texture comparable to that of a rhino. We can do better.





We need to keep exfoliating through winter (possibly even more often) but to avoid drying my skin out even further I opt for a scrub that is loaded with oils. C Lab & Co coffee scrubs are perfect in winter as they’re rich in almond oil and vitamin e. My skin is left already feeling moisturised when I step out of the shower.

In the same vein, I look for body washes that are SLS free and keep my skin nourished rather than dry or stripped. As much as I try not to be, I am a sucker for delicious smelling washes which aren’t great for the skin either. I’ve been using the Goat Skincare body washes as the goat’s milk is great for my eczema and it doesn’t contain any drying soap. Also, look for washes that use coconut derivatives instead of SLS to lather to prevent drying out the skin.

For hydration, I always ALWAYS keep a multipurpose balm beside my bed and in my bag. Before going to sleep, wack some balm everywhere that’s dry- lips and cuticles are a good place to start. Keep one in your bag to do this through out the day. Everything gets drier quicker in winter. Look for an all natural option ie no petroleum/mineral oil which basically will do nothing. Luma does a fab multipurpose balm with coconut oil, jojoba oil and vitamin e and it smells delish.

For the rest of your body, make sure your body lotion is up to scratch. Lots of hydrating oils, fatty acids and antioxidants please. I’m loving the Milk & Co Invigorating Lotion at the moment. It contains black pepper to stimulate circulation, aloe vera and jojoba to kill bacteria whilst also hydrating and avocado oil (amongst other oils) to moisturise. Try to avoid drying alchols and fragrance in your body lotion as to not dry out the skin further.

What are your go to winter skincare products?



*  PR samples provided for consideration, all opinions are my own

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