Every now and then someone comes into your life that changes it forever. One memorable one for me was obviously my husband. Another notable one was Drunk Elephant. enlight1-24.jpg

I started on a Drunk Elephant regime when it hit our shores in October. To start with I’ll give you a grossmental picture of the state of my skin in October. I was having super fun eczema breakouts all over my face and neck including around my eyes, I had cystic acne on my chin and jawline and congestion galore over my forehead. My skin was super sensitive to everything. Just washing my face with a soapless cream cleanser left me bright red and itchy. I was a month out from getting married and just kept reminding myself I had one of the best makeup artists in the biz doing my makeup (Bec Wilson for reference- amazing).

Then Australia welcomed Drunk Elephant img_3031.jpgwith open arms into Mecca Maxima. I have 100+ skincare brands at my fingertips thanks to my work yet for the past two months Drunk Elephant has remained the cornerstone of my routine, with other classic faves floating in and out. Before we get into the prodz, a little about the brand.

Drunk Elephant has been around since 2012 and up until now, only in the States. All their products are non toxic and are made up of the highest quality natural and synthetic ingredients. What I love about this brand is that they’re not aiming for all natural ingredients (which isn’t always a good thing; nature can be toxic too), they’re focused on using the cleanest, highest quality, highest performing ingredients on the market. No Drunk Elephant products contain any sort of fragrance; natural or synthetic, and contain zero essential oils. Yay! For a more poetic explanation of the Drunk Elephant difference, go here.

Now onto the prodz…

The first product I blessed my skin with was TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. I’m all about that acid life and this guy totally fit the bill. 12% AHAs (Tartaric, Lactic, Citric & Glycolic, hence the name)  and 1% BHA (Salicylic Acid) made it an ideal treatment for my acne and congestion prone skin. TLC also boasts Virgin Marula Oil which is super high in antioxdiants and omegas 6 & 9, Horse Chestnut to calm redness and Cactus Extract which will also calm redness whilst using acids.


Within three days it looked like my skin belonged to a different, far more attractive person. My cystic acne was basically gone, my skin was brighter and smoother and the best part; people were noticing! There was hope for my perfect wedding skin yet!

After my great success with TLC, I added Lala Retro Whipped Cream to my regime. Lala is DE’s moisturiser offering. It combines six rare African oils to create an airy but nourishing daily moisturiser. This is a moisturiser that is truly for all skin types. Lala contains a sodium hyaluronic crosspolymer (small molecular weight than HA) that penetrates the skin to deeply hydrate whilst firming the skin. Baobab Oil soothes the skin whilst also being rich in vitamin c, passionfruit oil is rich in essential fatty acids to protect barrier function whilst brightening the skin and fermentoil green tea seed has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal benefits.

Lala is amazing for day or night and works like a dream under makeup. It totally calmed and moisturised my eczema whilst keeping my skin hydrated and soft.enlight1-25.jpg

Next up I introduced my skin to C-Firma Day Serum. This guy has 15% vitamin C as well as .5% ferulic acid to brighten and firm the skin whilst neutralising environmental damage. Pumpkin Extract also helps to decongest pores and enzymatically dissolve dead surface skin cells.

The combination of TLC with such a high percentage of vitamin C has been fading my acne scarring steadily for the past two months. My skin feels plumper and more bouncy thanks to the collagen boosting powers of vitamin C.

Nothing has ever worked this fast for my skin. I couldn’t be happier with the results these products have given me and have already bought backups.


*Not sponsored in anyway, just a big fan

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