Ultraceuticals is a leading Australian cosmeceutical brand sold through David Jones and only the best clinics. I love supporting Aussie brands so I was stoked when Ultraceuticals invited me to experience one of their facials.

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I headed to the legendary Skinologie in Albert Park to meet with Tracey Beeby, Head of Global Training, and be treated to an Ultraceuticals facial.
After answering a series of questions to determine my skin history, needs and concerns, Tracey used the VISIA Skin Analysis tool to determine the condition of my skin. This device takes images of your skin to determine hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, texture, pore size, basically anything you could need to know about your skin. From this, Tracey determined my skin would benefit most from a Mandelic Peel as I was suffering a bout of hormonal acne. Mandelic is an AHA derived from bitter almonds and has a larger molecular structure meaning it is less irritating than other AHAs. It still delivers all the same benefits as other AHAs such as increased cellular turnover and collagen production but is also great for acne treatment as it is antibacterial.

To begin, my skin was double cleansed with Ultraceuticals Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser. This is a super option if you like a gel but your skin is dehydrated easily; no foam here. This was followed with a deep cleanse utilising the very cool sonopheresis. This technology uses ultrasonic vibrations that causes small spaces to open between cells that then allows for deeper cleansing or treatments.

As this was my first Mandelic Peel, Tracey only left the solution on my skin for about three minutes. However if your skin is pretty hardcore it can be left on for up to 10 minutes. I felt a mild stinging sensation where my acne was particularly angry but otherwise the treatment was quite comfortable. After removing the solution, Tracey applied a generous layer of Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Mattifying. Now obviously you all wear a high protection sunscreen every single day without question, but this is super important after any type of treatment, particularly a peel.


I didn’t expect to see a huge change in my skin with one treatment as this is something I should ideally have done regularly. However about two days later I noticed my skin seemed a lot less angry and I had no cysts, just pesky white heads. This was super impressive for one peel!

If you’re in Melbourne and looking to treat your skin, I would highly recommend booking a consult with the girls at Skinologie. They have a fab range of treatments for every concern and use some of the best skincare on the Aussie market.

I am currently giving a range of Ultraceuticals products the hard test so look out for more info on those products soon.


*This was a PR provided opportunity, for more info check out my ‘About’ page


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