Here in Australia, Glossier is the elusive, Insta famous, super chic brand we have to fight tooth and nail to get our hands on. Everything from the edited selection to the Insta worthy packaging to the natural beauty approach is appealing.

Glossier was founded out of the success of Into The Gloss, a highly successful beauty blog created in 2010. The expertise of trying and writing about thousands of products, realising what works and what doesn’t, resulted in the amazing line that is Glossier.


The foundation of Glossier is skin. Perfectly primed skin is the basis of natural, flawless makeup. Glossier skincare is an edited collection of skincare essentials that will deliver glowing, dewy skin. The Glossier makeup edit compliments this; just the staples to accentuate natural, glowing skin.

But Glossier only ships to the US and Puerto Rico I hear you cry. Sadly yes. I use a parcel forwarding service to get my greedy mitts on my Glossier favourites. I use the Australia Post service, Shop Mate. I have set up an address in the US that Glossier ships my parcel to. When it arrives Shop Mate sends me an invoice for the shipping to Australia and sends my parcel on its way to me. I find this super easy and it’s worth it get the Glossier goods.



Milky Jelly Cleanser- This is a dream cleanser for everyone but particularly normal to dry skin. Super milky, super gentle, super deep cleansing. This milk cleanser cleans the skin superbly without leaving the skin feeling dry or uncomfortable.

Priming Moisturiser Rich- After the success of the cult Priming Moisturiser, Glossier launched the Rich formula this year. This divine, rich moisturiser is amazing hydration for dry skin and is loading with skin loving ingredients. We’ve got five key fatty acids to lock in moisture and protect the skin’s moisture barrier, an anti-redness complex and a velvety finish that preps the skin for makeup.

Boy Brow- A tinted brow gel that fills and sets the brows in place all day. It has a flexible hold thanks to the beeswax and doesn’t go crunchy or flakey.

Haloscope- The epitome of skincare and makeup coming together. The outer layer of this stunning highlighter is a dewy illuminating cream infused with crystal extracts while the core is made up of coconut and castor seed oil to hydrate and provide a dewy finish. I have the shade Quartz but this guy also comes in Topaz, a slightly more bronzing glow.


12 thoughts on “THE BRAND | GLOSSIER An Overview

    • Hi! It’s all dependent on how heavy your package is and the value of your goods. It is certainly more expensive than regular international shipping. For that reason I only use it to get goods I absolutely can’t get in Australia.

  • I tried to order some with my shop mate account but couldn’t get around not having a US billing address for my credit card. How did you get around that?

    • Hi! I didn’t have this issue so I’m not sure sorry! Glossier accepted my Australian credit card. xx

  • Hi, I love your review! I will be doing the same thing (shop mate to australia) but was wondering how much they charged you for shipping. I get free delivery from glossier but to hip to australia how much did it cost? (I purchased the phase 2 set and foundation) thanks lovely xxx

    • Hi! I can’t remember how much exactly it was but I did a pretty hefty order (stocked up so I don’t have to order again soon) and I think they charged me around $40? xx

  • I was thinking of using shop mate to do a glossier order, bit of a weird question, what bank are you with cause I’m wondering if i can use Commbank to do an order or if i need to go out and buy a visa online debit card just for the order xo

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