A Review | Go To Skincare Exceptionoil

I’ve done extensive research and it turns out Go To Exceptionoil smells better than everything else in the world. Think, if Kai and Nars’ Monoi Body Glow had a baby. Yeah, that good.

This lush body wonder is the brain child of Queen Zoe Foster Blake and her empire, Go To Skincare. So, as you would expect, it is amazing. Exceptionoil is made up of 100% natural oils, the star of which is Monoi de Tahiti. Monoi de Tahiti is made by essentially soaking the gardenia flower in coconut oil to create a softening and moisturising powerhouse. This guy is no credit hog though; all your flaky bits will be gone also thanks to cocoa butter, jojoba oil, mango butter, rosehip oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil and vitamin e, just to cover off a few.



Exceptionoil is a luscious balm texture that melts into an oil when warmed with your fingers. Your skin will eat it up like the delicious oil that it is and will be left feeling plump and hydrated. For optimal absorption, Exceptionoil appreciates being applied after showering while the skin is still warm and damp.

Other fun stuff: Exceptionoil is the ultimate travel companion. He’s a multi tool of hydration for the body, hair, cuticles, lips and of course doubles as a body fragrance.

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