The best ways to hydrate winter skin

Winter Skin is a blast. What could be more fun than red, irritated, dry, flaky, burning, angry skin? This isn’t just caused by the cold weather but the constant jumping between cold, windy weather and blasting the heating inside. There are, however, ways to keep your skin happy this winter.


  • Starting with cleanser. Put down the foam and back away. Quickly. Foam is drying, end of story. Opt for milks, balms or oils to cleanse the skin. I don’t want to hear that you’re oily; there is always an option for your skin type. Pick a cleanser that will leave your skin soft and comfortable, not squeaky and clean.
  • Make sure your moisturiser is appropriate for winter and providing enough hydration. Some lucky ducks can get away with the same moisturiser all year, others need to change it up when the cruel winter season hits.
  • Get around an oil. An oil will protect and soothe your skin as well as adequately hydrate flaky, dry skin. Oils are your best bet at a winter glow. Highly recommend getting some Sunday Riley Juno on your face.
  • Don’t scrub. Be gentle on your poor skin and exfoliate with acids and enzymes. I am partial to the Aspect Gold Fruit Enzyme Mask.
  • Be picky with your hydrating mists. Avoid those filled with witch hazel and alcohol.
  • Invest in an overnight mask. Something rich in omegas or plant oils. Nude Skincare does a great one.

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