Somehow, despite my tendency to get bored extremely quickly, I’ve stuck with pretty much the same skincare routine the last month or so. It’s been pretty simple (I’m not about that 10 step life anymore) but I have discovered and clung tightly to some stand outs.


I feel like I waited an eternity for Kate Somerville’s Cold Cream to hit Australian shores so you can bet when it did I was camped out the front of Mecca. Okay that’s an exaggeration but I did pick it up the week it came out. It was well worth the wait. Cold Cream is a lovely, rich cream that, applied to dry skin and removed with a warm cloth, will remove a full face of makeup. It is super gentle on the skin and leaves my skin feeling soft rather than the dry feeling I get from micellar waters. I love how easily this removes my mascara (even waterproof) without damaging what very little lashes I have.

My masking addiction has reached new heights, or I guess you could say it has… Grown… You’re welcome. The Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Masque has become a staple for clearing my skin without irritation or dryness. I use this when I don’t need anything too hardcore; just a bit of deep cleansing. It’s a creamy texture and doesn’t dry hard on the skin. It reminds me a little of Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask but a little more hip pocket friendly.

Avene has been a firm favourite in my routine over the past month, more specifically, their Hydrance range. I’ve been using the Hydrance Optimale Rehydrating Serum and Hydrance Aqua Cream-in-Gel every morning and night, regardless of what other products I’m using that day. Rehydrating Serum layers beautifully over other serums such as my vitamin C or retinol. Both Hydrance products have been the perfect amount of hydration for me as we hit this cold weather in Melbourne and they are also bomb under makeup.


Lastly, my life saver this month. Every now and again my skin has a little freak out because I did something naughty/over exfoliated/drank too much or in one instance this month… used wipes. And no I was not at a festival. My skin saviour when this happens is Aspect Red-Less 21 serum. This magical elixir calms my skin down and cuts out the blotchiness almost immediately whilst deeply hydrating my skin. It has an oil like texture which means it feels so soothing on sore, irritated skin. I either cleanse and put this directly on my skin or press it over my moisturiser morning and night until my skin decides to cut it the hell out.

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