Korean beauty brands are quickly taking over the skincare world. I’m cool with this for a few reasons:

  • Korean’s love SPF
  • Korean skincare brands are at the forefront of technology and innovation
  • It’s always super cute and often has pictures of animals on the packaging

This is going to be the first in a series of posts highlighting some top notch Korean beauty brands that are easily accessible outside of Korea.


Touch In Sol is my first victim. Touch In Sol in a fun, practical makeup and skincare brand that is relatively new to the Aussie market. Upon exploring the range it quickly became clear that Touch In Sol is dominating the primer game. They have seven primers! Seven! Truly one for every skin concern you could think of.

The Dark Out primer in Fresh Green is a winner for skin prone to redness.
Cuts through pesky redness before img_9416.jpgfoundation is applied meaning a natural, flawless finish. It’s extremely talented at prolonging your foundation’s wear time and keeping the skin matte. Dark Out primer comes in two other colour correcting shades; Pure Peach and Bright Purple. All three contain an SPF 30. Fun facts: Dark Out is paraben free and synthetic fragrance free.

img_9415.jpgAnother Touch In Sol hero is the All in 1 Beauty Aid Cream. This guy is a tube of hydration for any dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. I’ve used it not only as a facial moisturiser but also a bit of a ‘multi purpose balm’. Ceramides are doing the heavy lifting, locking in moisture and protecting the barrier of the skin and Centella Asiatica calms the skin and reduces inflammation.

Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream is a light coverage BB Cream with a natural, dewy finish. Pure Dew is waterproof which makes it a great base for foundy as well as a dedicated makeup. It boasts a pretty straight forward ingredient listing which will make it ideal for sensitive skin. Just be aware it contains lavender oil. Pure Dew is a super hydrating BB cream; it’s tag line is ‘let your skin drink some water’. That’s how hydrating. The only minor complaint I have is the lack of SPF. However this could be an issue with Australian guidelines which are notoriously tight on sunscreen.

Some other prodz worth googling are

  • All Clear Ice Blue Water Cleanser
  • Corean Complexion Cream
  • I’m A Very Useful Makeup Boomer (best name evs.)

Touch In Sol is super accessible in Australia as it is exclusively stocked at Priceline. You can also find it at

US babes can find Touch In Sol here



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