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Packing is nearly my favourite part of travelling. Sounds like a joke but for a beauty junkie and professional list maker with OCD tendencies, packing is pure bliss.

I’m heading off to Fiji for my honeymoon soon and my husband to be has fiiiiinally let me start packing. (I wanted to start about a month ago). Obviously 90% off my luggage is beauty products but Tim brought back six snapbacks from the US so we really balance each other out in the luggage department. I digress. Let’s get into what is going to into my Fiji luggage.


Number one (obviously) is sunscreen! I’ve worked soooo hard on banishing my acne scarring; I don’t want it back thanks. Off the back of that I’m taking a multitasking cleanser. One that will remove every trace of sunscreen but is gentle enough to use in the morning. I’m packing a lovely rich moisturiser in Drunk Elephant’s Lala Retro. This might come as a surprise in a humid climate but think about how dehydrating that sun will be. I would love to take an oil instead but I’m yet to find a travel friendly one. Holla if you have an suggestions. I will pop in a couple of individually wrapped exfoliating wipes too.


Sunscreen! Again! Obviously! I’m taking my big tube of SPF50+ for the body and in turn my favourite after sun lotion from Korres. I will also take a travel tub of Soap & Glory’s The Righteous Butter which will be super lush after a day in the sun.


I’m going to use this trip as an opportunity to not wash or heat style my hair. Winning. However I will take a travel can of Batiste dry shampoo so I will look somewhat presentable and a travel sea salt spray so my dirty hair looks intentional. #hairhacks


Basically no. But I’ll take a little mascara, bronzer, tinted moisturiser and a lipstick to look human at dinner.

Other stuff

My precious Lip de Luscious SPF25+ from Mecca, hand cream and Malin + Goetz Dark Rum perfume oil.

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