Put down the apricot scrub and back away quickly

You know what sounds great? Rubbing the dead skin off your face with crushed up apricot kernals in a dehydrating foam. Doesn’t that sound delightful! No. Lucky for your pretty face, there are better ways. One of these ways is exfoliating pads. Soft pads soaked with AHAs and antioxidants to dissolve dead cells and not rub aggressively at healthy skin.

Firstly, why should you put down the scrub?

  • Harsh particles in scrubs create microtears in the skin that can give birth to wrinkles. These tears also allow surface bacteria to further penetrate the skin. Lovely.
  • Rubbing at the skin can also cause inflammation. Inflammation causes the pores to swell and long story short trap bacteria in the pore. Guess what happens next? Yes, the trapped bacteria becomes a pimple.

So here is some favourite, non abrasive exfoliating pads-


I’ve written a whole post about Go To Skincare’s Exfoliating Swipeys so I won’t ramble on but these are a great option for sensitive skin. They use Lactic Acid which is the most gentle of the AHAs and are natural. Visit them and the rest of the Go To family here.

Origins’ Modern Friction pads use a combo of Glycolic Acid and fruit enzymes to gently dissolve dead skin and brighten the complexion. Bonus- these only need to be used twice a week.

For an option with some added anti aging benefits, Radical Age Defying Exfoliating Pads are tops. These use Glycolic acid to dissolve dead skin. Willow Bark will help reduce oily build up on the skin and in the pores and Witch Hazel will act as an astringent. Radical’s exfoliating pads also have a bucket load of antioxidants for free radical protection.

Origins and Radical are available from www.mecca.com.au 

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