Skincare he uses

Few things in this world make me more proud than my man’s skincare routine. Getting to this place was via a long, too greasy, not foamy enough road.

After much trial and error, T now has himself a day and night routine to make any beauty junkie jelly. FYI- he has normal skin leaning a little oily and prone to breakouts.

In the morning, cleansing is brought to you by Malin + Goetz. He loves their Grapefruit cleanser because it’s foaming but soap free so it’s not drying. Malin +Goetz is a unisex range and their packaging reflects this. Grapefruit extract is anti bacterial and can assist with breakouts without over drying.

I swear he tried 2,394,839 different moisturisers before realising what many already know; Dr Perricone knows what he’s doing. So after cleansing, T uses Perricone’s Face Finishing Moisturiser. Face Finishing is a delightful gel cream boasting Vitamin C Ester for brightening and Alpha Lipoic Acid for antioxidant protection. He likes this cream because it absorbs super quick with no greasy feeling. He uses this day and night.

At night, he cleanses with Ren’s Clear Calm Clay Cleanser. This is an anti bacterial clay cleanser made with French Clay to absorb excess oil and Willow bark to deep cleanse the pores. Ren recommends leaving the cleanser on the skin for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. T likes this cleanser at the end of the day to thoroughly remove excess oil and build up from working in the city all day.

To treat spots, he loves dotting his face with Glam Glow’s Super Mud. This pimple punisher is anti bacterial and will help prevent scarring, boasts salicylic acid to exfoliate in those pores and clean out build up and lactic and glycolic for surface exfoliation. T uses this overnight whenever he has angry breakouts.


When it comes to exfoliation, he is currently repping Goldfaden MD’s Doctor’s Scrub. The only scrub I can barely be okay with touching his face. It uses totally spherical ruby crystals to mimic microdermabrasion, has jojoba oil to soften and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin plump.






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