Top 5 Winter Beauty Products

Winter is on it’s way out. We’ve had a good time but Spring is pushy and won’t wait any longer.So while we farewell Winter, let’s round up some of the prodz that have got me through the cold and the fun effects its had on my skin.

Aspect- Hydrating Mask

This has essentially become a night cream for me. This overnight mask is a lush, creamy blend of shea butter, jojoba oil, grape seed extract, glycerin and antioxidants. One awakes from one’s beauty sleep with plumped, healed, moisturised skin. My regular creams couldn’t keep up with this guy.

Mecca Cosmetica- Lip De-Luscious Treatment

This is a lip balm. You know when you use lipbalm then it wears off and your lips are even drier? No? Well it’s a thing. Not with this little pot of gold. A super hydrating blend of shea butter and vitamin e to lock in moisture well after the glossy factor has worn off. This is the night version of Lip De-Luscious; it is also available in a divine SPF 25 version.

Stila- One Step Correct

Primer meets skin treatment. A super light weight gel serum with colour correcting pigments to neutralise discolouration. Green to cut through redness, lavender to perk up sallowness and peach to soften dark spots. All the while hydrating and softening the skin. Such a winner for winter, particularly for sensitive skin.

Lanolips- Lano Hands Lemon Hand Cream

This lanolin based hand balm has been a dream come true for my digits. Lanolin has a molecular structure that is close to that of our skin’s lipids and is therefore an amazing moisturiser. Super rich, smells like a lemon-y dream and soothing on my winter beaten skin. Rich in shea butter, cocoa butter, grape seed oil and vitamin e. Lanolips also recommends slathering him on as a foot mask!


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