They say to write what you know. Well this is about all I know at the moment. Between the eight times nightly toilet trips, body acne, constant nausea and barely remembering my own name; my life is basically just pregnancy right now. So it’s nice when you find things that work and you can actually use.


All hell broke loose on my face after I fell pregnant. All the hard work I did to prepare my skin for my wedding- gone. With retinol and salicylic acid off the table I had to find other options. Alpha H’s Liquid Gold* has been a god send. 10% Glycolic Acid to exfoliate, this guy kills my breakouts literally overnight. I know when I apply it the next morning my skin will be smooth and happy again. Liquid Gold is also safe during breastfeeding.

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion is a great spot treatment alternative to all the salicylic acid based ones. Works a treat on cystic acne.



Go-To Skincare’s Exceptionoil has already gotten a good rap on this site (see here) but we’re going to talk about it again. I don’t believe you can prevent stretch marks; if you didn’t get them you were never going to. Your ‘miracle’ stretch mark cream most likely just kept you hydrated. I am still however slathering myself in Exceptionoil morning and night to keep my skin hydrated and elastic. My hope is by deeply hydrating my skin daily with this divine blend of oil, my skin will recover a little easier. Also, it smells bloody amazing.

My lips are chapped. All the time. I feel like I have more lip balms than I do brain cells at this point but my dry lips saviour is always Mecca Cosmetica’s Lip de Luscious Treatment. Vitamin e and Shea butter to hydrate, smells great and is creamy rather than sticky.



Leggings. Even from early pregnancy when you’re bloat as f; leggings. It’s never too early.

Jersey body con dresses; I’ve bought a thousand. Okay that’s a lie but seriously I would live in these if I could. No pressure anywhere, no hiking anything up or down, wear with leggings in winter, without in summer. I love the options from ASOS Maternity and Country Road.

What are your Great Things for Pregnancy?

*PR sample provided for consideration

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