I’ve always been a salon hair care kinda gal but after using Noughty haircare the past couple of months, I won’t be spending $40 on a shampoo anytime soon.

Noughty is a high performance, natural haircare brand based in the US and is cruelty free and vegan (ticking all the boxes so far). All products are sulphate and silicone free and while they boast all the characteristics of a salon brand, they are super affordable.

I’ve been using the To The Rescue shampoo and conditioner; an intensely hydrating duo to repair frizzy, dry hair. This is not my first natural haircare rodeo so I knew what to expect when using these products. I always wash my hair twice to make sure I remove all product build up but it’s especially important when using a natural shampoo. I find the first wash doesn’t lather up all that well (remember, no sulphates) but the second wash does. I never find this effects the cleanliness of my hair. The To The Rescue shampoo is super gentle on my sensitive scalp whilst giving a thorough cleanse.

The To The Rescue conditioner is slightly runnier than what I’ve used in the past but that doesn’t seem to effect how well it moisturises my hair. I find my hair feels soft without being slippery and hard to style. I am terrible at getting regular haircuts and this conditioner keeps my ends in check while I put off having them snipped off.

This duo is absolutely comparable to high end, natural shampoos and conditioners I’ve used and I would highly recommend testing them out for yourself.

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